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Jeweler switched stones from a 1.2ct D color VVS-1 Excellent cut Round Brilliant to a 1.1ct H color sI-1 medium cut. Several thousand Dollars Difference.

I put my ring into the jeweler for repair of a prong and a side pave' stone. When I got it back, it was not the same stone. The jeweler denied dismounting the stone or switching it for an inferior stone. HE DID.

My stone had a small speck of carbon in it and a small feather next to the girdle.

I told him if he did not give me my stone back, I would call the police. His answer was a smart -butt: (Go ahead then.) I will be at the police. I have statements from three jewelers who said in writing that the stone is 1.1ct rather than the 1.2 the old stone was. And they state that the color is only a g-h rather than a D that the original stone was.

I will be at the police Monday morning.

Review about: Jewelry Repair.

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